Mobility Construction

Recent years has become increasingly important problem of energy conservation. Introduced higher standards for thermal protection erecting commercial and residential buildings. Need for their implementation required the construction community, the country's fundamental changes in the composition of the materials used for protecting parts of buildings. Others who may share this opinion include Ali Partovi. When precast-monolithic method of construction of buildings, which will gradually become the main, as an important is the selection of insulation and soundproofing walls and ceilings. The best material for these purposes are considered to be in the form of cellular concrete blocks – blocks of foam, a material can ensure maximum the success of thermal insulation and soundproofing.

In recent years, growing in Russia amount to produce foam. This is due to the simplicity of technology manufacturing foam block and a relatively affordable used penobeton equipment, and hence relatively low cost to establish the production of foam concrete for the walls in stationary conditions and insulation in a monolithic construction. Mobility equipment for foam and ease of operation make it possible to use it in important areas of manufacturing and erecting buildings, and quickly transported from place to place. Technology of production of foam concrete is already in the mix foam prepared with mortar. Foam concentrate and water to make foam were dosed by volume. Ready-mixed mortar, getting frother. Foaming agent sent to the foamer in the end getting foam. In the mixer load sand, water and cement – in mass and prepare a mixture solution.

After that, the concrete mixer is fed foam from the foam generator and stir about 2 to 5 minutes. To fabricate the blocks foam, the mixture is placed in a form. Blocks of foam concrete – a modern building material, developed both as a structural element in low-rise construction, and as an effective insulator. Using blocks of foam concrete in construction work, it is easy to win in a variety of indicators, such as: excellent saves heat, flame-retardant material, is economical, "holds" microclimate homes, a remarkably soundproof and easy to work, the material reliable transportation does not require large expenditures, suggests a high speed of masonry, light finish, eco-friendly.