Navicom Navigator

Explay PN-445 is the new navigator. And it is noticeable! ‘5 ‘-Inch thickness of 17 mm and a stylish design. In addition, of course, the most modern processor sirf Atlas iv 500MHz. Besides the basic functions navigator can play video and audio files display images as well as operate in handsfree protocol Bluetooth. We do this navigator comes with software ‘Navitel’, but the navigator can support up to 3 preset systems! Price, like all of this line, even understated, in our opinion.

Explay PN-990 – Navigator ‘5 ‘inch support tubes through a built-in GSM-GPRS (will need to purchase a sim-card of any cellular carrier with great rates). It is very convenient, as navigator will be largely used as a communicator: send and receive sms, make calls to any numbers. Besides the basic functions of navigator Explay PN-990 is capable of playing video and audio files, as well as work in the handsfree mode of protocol Bluetooth. In the Navigator built-in games. This is the most advanced and newest in the class navigator navigator with built-in GSM-GPRS. And the price for it is the most democratic.

Progress does not stand still. Garmin – the global leader in the production of navigators. Strongly, reliably good and just as expensive! Product range is quite wide. Please note, that Garmin uses its navigation software with maps Navicom ‘Roads of Russia’, which is fairly accurate and convenient. On Site manufacturer can be loaded not only update the maps, but also a set of objects poi (gas stations, hospitals, cinemas, etc., by which sometimes do not want to pass).