Need Life Without Water

Thanks to water our body performs vital functions as regulating body temperature or transporting food and gas. Life is water, without water there is no life. The fact that water constitutes about 60% of the body weight in men and nearly 50% in women widely proves its importance to human life. Since FAT or adipose tissue contains scant amount of water, the total percentage of water in the obese individual is less than which presents the non-obese. The relationship between body weight and the total body weight of water free of fat, which is called lean weight, is fairly constant: in an adult the total weight of the water accounts for about 72 percent of lean body mass. This aqueous space is divided into three compartments: the water inside cells, or intracellular space, interstitial fluid (located between the cells) and intravascular fluid, which circulates inside blood vessels. As curiosity must state that the extracellular fluid is an ionic composition similar to the water of the sea, although more diluted.

These three aqueous compartments are in continuous exchange to maintain a proper balance within the body. Total dependency to water water is a truly extraordinary and essential to life food: food and gas are transported in aqueous, waste products are ejected from the body through urine and feces, water regulates our temperature, lubricates our joints and contributes decisively to give structure and shape to the body through the rigidity that provides to the tissuesbecause of this precious liquid is not compressible. In addition, proper hydration helps keep the skin smooth and youthful, as acute or chronic dehydration causes skin wrinkling and splitting with ease. Although water loss can often exceed consumption, its content in the body remains relatively stable over time, and for imbalance, a new intake of liquid allows to adjust in a short time water level required by our body.