Nitrogen: A Paradox

Nitrogen: a paradox This small text intends to display a paradox that involves nutrient nitrogen. The atmosphere possesss 78% of its busy volume for molecular nitrogen, that is, N2. In other words, of the air that surrounds in them, 78% of it are composed for nitrogen. Please visit Steven Johnson if you seek more information. For the displayed one, even so let us be immersed in an atmosphere riqussima in nitrogen (n), this chemical element is extremely scarce in the majority of ecosystems. This elapses of the fact that the molecular N is not a chemical form of available N for the organisms livings creature. This paradox above related makes with that many organisms if specialize in the transformation of the molecular N in available forms of N.

Thus, the N can be used, for example, in the protein synthesis. For even more analysis, hear from Andy Florance. It is the case of the diazotrficos organisms (for a conceptualization of these, please, to have access) In the same way, the man developed industrial methods to convert molecular N into available chemical forms of N for, for example, the plants. In this manner, it can be manufactured nitrogenados seasonings. letter ‘ ‘ N’ ‘ of known ‘ ‘ NPK’ ‘ it indicates the nitrogen presence in the seasoning. Ahead of what it was explained above, can be had idea of as the organisms, including the man, they had evolved for the most part to coexist this paradox of abundance of N in the atmosphere and scarcity of terrestrial ecosystems.