Probably no material more than the use of steel shaped the aesthetics of modernity: freely in the shaping steel allows almost a floating light weight design. But steel is at the same time in processing and durability. Unbeatable benefits for designers of NUSSER city furniture: your steel fussbaenke set timelessly elegant milestones in parks and urban spaces. Steel is already a phenomenon for himself: much of new shapes and forms were today unthinkable in architecture, steel would be not the reliable carrier of that often stunning ideas. To embrace this speaker as shaping role of the material, is more than per the design of public space. And the innovative designer of NUSSER city furniture understand it as the driving force.

Because steel allows to reach them the optimum form and function with manageable resources. So NUSSER waiting because even with a variety of models of steel fussbaenken, which are characterized by their flexible use and learn about this arbitrarily with each other can be combined. A material. Many advantages, it is not only the free design, with the steel to a preferred base for banks, basic elements, swivel chairs, or feudal AIDS of NUSSER. Galvanized steel parts also offer an optimum corrosion protection and thus permanent, dull greyish appearance. They also characterized by a typically slightly textured surface.

You provides a basis for using a plastic powder coating almost all RAL colours can be deployed and any desired color is possible. On the other hand, the use of stainless steel opened optical as well as economically high-quality solutions. They are durable, easy to maintain and own elegance whether in satin appearance in the shine of polished surfaces or by glass bead blasting. Both are extremely easy to grow varieties. Unrivalled know-how. Large model variety over the decades has developed as a special know-how NUSSER city furniture in the processing of steel and its combination with wood.

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