Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

But it was obvious that science would surpass what was known as the arts and Humanities, with her Sprint in the last century, which at that time even more accelerated, and even overwhelm. And that has been confirmed. Given the difficult research, the total lack of research grants and-geldern brought during the pre-war period with, Hubbard had to solve the economic aspects of the whole. He achieved mainly with writing and cinematography, in which he was very successful. Finally, L. Ron Hubbard moved back through all of the mirror mazes and full fog of Humanities and dealt with cytology. He had to study the area in fleeting moments, he had during his revised and overloaded life.

He found some evidence of cellular memory and storage of patterns of behaviour and developed and She rejected one as impossible today still existing theory about memory storage in molecules. 1945 researched Hubbard in the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. He used the library and facilities and conducted endocrine experiments, which relied on the endocrine glands have a Panel on the basis of the stimulus-response mechanism. So, in less than a year, Hubbard noted that function seems to determine the structure of life forms. Because the opposite right was kept (and had led to no breakthrough), he could pursue so a new direction.

Finally, he found out that life increased potential, if you rambled off additions. This meant that he was possibly on the way to isolate life as a pure force. He noted that the life potential increased by one facilitated these (with a method of extinction). This resulted in the Dianetics (slide, nous mind) and later, after further research, Scientology. Since they in Connection with psychosomatic diseases stood and offered the associations leading discoveries and the papers on the topic in the health care sector to L. Ron Hubbard was curtly rejected. They had nothing to do with basic research. A colleague from the medical and psychiatric Publisher told him that only the public would be him; “so he wrote the book Dianetics: A Guide to the human mind”, it became surprisingly popular. This Lebensverbesserungs – self-help book appeared on 116 bestseller lists, was translated into 50 languages and sold over 21 million copies in 165 Nations. Millions of people who can improve thanks to this book, my life and other people. Not without reason, L. Ron Hubbard described: you commit an adventure. Treat it like an adventure and you may be never the same”.