By: Oscar Publishing Rossignoli of Recently I had a head who differed with me when she said to him that an advertising announcement not necessarily must like, amuse, entertain or to be obliging so that he is effective. Many of the designers or producers of publicity nowadays look for to mainly amuse, to entertain or to gain contests – between advertising agencies in the design of their promotional ideas. He is that what they really look for the advertisers in the publicity? For that they contract an advertising agency? Are our advertising campaigns contests of occurrences or true well directed strategic attacks, with course? Judith Charles defines to the advertising writer like a salesman behind a typewriter. Of this then we will conclude that the objective of all publicist must be that their announcements sell, not that like or that they do not like. The advertiser would not have to be worried in case to people it likes or it does not like their announcements or if they are entertained. If this happens, fantastic, but the announcements have like primary target to increase the sales and the benefits of the advertiser.

By all sides we see printed announcements, by television, cinema or Internet, also in the radio, very impressive tuna and. The question is: These announcements really persuade to buy? They generate positioning? They were these created announcements to sell or to gain contests between advertising agencies? Advertising announcements with very deep concepts (that to only the creative one understands them that it had the idea) and of a great investment in the production, are not suddenly so effective to sell nor to generate mark positioning. Some times very economic announcements, written of a simple and direct form do a good work of sales and positioning. The experts say who so that an announcement is effective to perfectly have to be included/understood by a boy of 10 years.