Old Horse

I came to this place through a notice published in the newspaper, saying they needed a bass player for the orchestra. When I had others to pass the test, and thank God I was selected and I stayed to work with the orchestra. I worked several years in that place, and I came to have a lasting friendship to date with members of the group. You could say that all that time I worked with the group, only that we were three we kept on the job, since the other two were constantly changing. Those that we kept were: Alberto Torres (conga singer), Jose Moral (drums) and myself (bass and chorus). The pianist and saxophonist played with us for a while and then retired and came another, but these two had the most change was the pianist. There was always this problem could not find a pianist who played with us to stay more than two months (it is noteworthy that the pianist was the one who earned more money than us.) This situation, awaken in me the desire to learn to execute this instrument, but I realized as follows: I started to dump all my music theoretical knowledge of the guitar, electronic keyboard.

My idea was: “I had to learn to run on the keyboard, which would play in the” Self-taught on the subject, I started to get on the subject, but unfortunately never got to play keyboard (piano) in the group of then, what if it was positive, that all this knowledge I acquired, I poured it for work elsewhere. What happened was that as the old saying “nobody is a prophet in his own country, my teammates did not see me as a keyboardist, bassist still saw me, and do not a head that I could play with them that way; perhaps (and rightly so) because I was just learning, but honestly, I could do. Changing one bit of matter within this narrative, and as giving rise to another article that will follow this, a curious fact in relation to people attending the Chinese restaurant to taste the food, and have a moment of relaxation, dancing, and perhaps celebrating a special event at that place, such as: birthdays, anniversaries, or any other event, is the following: Customers were allowed to ask the orchestra, the song you want to listen to dance, then some approached to ask in this way “ring a salsa” to that request, the singer who had the commanding voice of his customer asked: How do which, for example?