Oxygen And Lungs

Reduced oxygen content makes the lungs work harder, it improves blood flow and, consequently, increases the oxygen capacity blood. If the holiday is far from – breathe the mountain air at gipoksikatore "Mountain Air". Win: you're on the straight path to longevity, and still is the biggest "energiser". Already after 10 sessions of the people "heavy mental labor" note that the day was to end soon. Click Mashable for additional related pages. After a course of 30 training sessions, they literally "pyshut 'health. A 30 classes per year prolong life for at least 3 years.

Anti-stress weapon number 5. Infrared and cedar sauna phyto- Strategy stress: play pranks nervishki appeared overweight and rashes on the skin, "crawling" the hair, muscles and joints ache as if you were carrying bags all day … The tactics of the fight: a phyto-cedar sauna is known to us even from the ancient Slavs. Bath – a cedar barrel with fragrant pine extracts. Phyto-sauna can use even those not tolerate conventional sauna.

Infrared cabin differs in that the heat penetrates deep into the body, uniformly warming it and causing profuse sweating. Win: Who steamed, does not old! You got rid of the loyal friends of stress – toxins, the skin became smooth and silky, wrinkles smoothed out, the muscles relax, the pain disappeared in the joints and back, the immune system works like clockwork. Anti-stress weapon 6. Mora-therapy strategy for stress: he attacks, waging battles on various fronts. The first throws a "white flag" the immune system – our outpost: a growing number of allergic, autoimmune, genetically caused disease. The tactics of the struggle: Mora-therapy. This effect on the body of his own electromagnetic oscillations. Amazing device "Mora super bipolar "has more than 1500 indications for use. In total, Mora therapy, more than 200 programs for the treatment of pathological conditions caused by, including stress. Mora-therapy is also consistent with the principle of the Eastern world view, which consists in maintaining, ordering the restoration of disturbed equilibrium. In addition, it does not apply outside of energy, inadequate energy patient. But it uses Western technology. Therefore, this kind of synthesis of Eastern and Western medicine. Victory: after a course of 2 to 12 sessions of protective regulatory mechanisms restored and trained. Tense muscles, stand up … oh, you're already running somewhere? Anti-stress weapon 7. Relaxation therapy in the relax-therapy Sangor-murane strategy stress: what to say – there is stress, that is – on the face. Earthy color, lethargy, skin, acne, wrinkles, God forbid … tactics: the birth of the beauty of rejuvenation through relaxation and energy balance, resulting from a combination of biologically active substances and specific massage that helps the body to connect all the resources to deal with pathological changes of the skin conditions of prolonged stress. The victory: the skin free from toxins, suffused with moisture, smoothed and calmed. Facial muscles relax, slow down aging. These are just some "anti-stress combat" tactics and techniques of extensive collection, used for a successful war with stress. A full arsenal waiting for you in our sanatorium Sangor.