To be ambassador of God of faithful form and test that you and friend of Christ. Jo15. 14 It are my friends, if to make what I you control. All know that Christ left the church here in the land with the mission of being ambassadress of God, if in the church to exist some members that disobey the Christ and does not fulfill with your good duty that and to take the message of the news, not and friend of Christ. (Jo15.

14) and if and friend of Christ in the truth it does not know the God who it assumes that servile, and if not to repent, and to start to be ambassador of the possible fastest God he will have that to face the judgment of God. Tg 4. 17 That one, therefore, that it knows the good that to make, and not it it makes, commits sin. Reason N III. Christ was its model of life. ICO 11,1 Headquarters my mimics, as well as I it am of Christ. A used term for many preachers exists very who and total opposing what the Apstolo Pablo said. While Pablo said looks at for me and imitates my behavior, therefore I am imitating of the behavior of Christ, in the Hodiernos days many when they assume the Pulpit for the minstrao of the word of God, of very unhappy form say do not look at for me seno you he only falls, he looks at for Christ, this and a true, however if said affirmation, needs explanation, so that the preacher does not fall in total discredit for making a total antagonistic affirmation of Pablo. To understand this expression of the point of view of apostolo Pablo, we have that to make at least three questionings for the position of Pablo in it imitates saying me, therefore I am imitating of Christ.