Page Rank Is Not Only To Highlight

To get traffic, nothing beats a good position in search engines through SEO. The problem is that the big G does not give you a good position just to write a few things or get some links. In fact, search engines have to deal with billions of pages to say what they are, how relevant they are and show those results to its users. Considering the large amount of information present on the Internet and growing every day, this should be a fairly heavy. If you take into account spam, duplicate content and other abusive techniques used, as a search engine should not be easy.

Although each has its own ways of doing things, all based on a number to decide which page will be put in their results. In the case of large G, this is known as Page Rank. Many people consider that the Page Rank is the only thing taken into account Google, Yahoo and other search engines to be able to tell which page comes first, but in my tests I’ve seen not. This is not to say that is not important because it is, but there are several circumstances, especially for long terms, where the Page Rank is not the last word to say that page go before another. If you do a search for words “long” and check the Page Rank of the results, you’ll see that the order does not always depend on the Page Rank. Obviously this is a very heavy in the search algorithm, but it is good to get obsessed about it. Having a good position depends on many things well done and the content can give you very good Page Rank with links to other sites.

Promote good content is easier than trying to increase the Page Rank of a roll cheap. If you are looking for a good position in search engines, do not get obsessed with one variable, you have to master them all. The Page Rank, despite its importance, is not the sacred cow that only part of it.