People’s Emotions

If we carefully look at the people around them, we see that all of them without exception only and are busy trying to have fun. Someone is trying to enjoy a meal, some alcohol after someone by nicotine, some in intimate relationships, some pleasure in power, someone in possession of money, etc. Even those who make hard and unpleasant work, do so in order to get something or other consideration, and with positive emotions. Only in this case not once, but after a while. For many, their work is not fun, but they go at it and do what they are required to do so only in order to then obtain money with which they were finally able to get what they really want. What would a person not engaged, it is always, ultimately, is engaged in the same. Namely, he always strives for the positive emotions.

The only difference is that whereby a person tries to attain pleasure. Even the characters who commit deeds motivated by a desire to get positive emotions. Maybe someone on this to me angrily objected, Many people made and make the heroic actions of a completely disinterested. And I do not deny it. Moreover, I am sure that this is true. But nevertheless, I still dare to assert that they made and make their selfless actions for the sake of personal enjoyment. How can this be? Let me explain what I mean. People acting selflessly, have fun because bring joy to others. This is a special category of people and their peculiarity is the way that they have received positive emotions.