Plastic Goods

The design of plastic products significantly affects the design of forms (depending on product manufacturability) and quality products, which, in turn, depend on the technology of its manufacture, and from its design. In connection with this product should be designed simultaneously with the analysis of its workability. Please be aware that in some cases, the error inherent in product development, it is impossible to fix a choice design forms. When designing plastic products tend to provide reasonable accommodations in the form of material flow, accuracy of manufacture, reduction of internal stresses, warpage, cycle manufacturing. Casting, plastics used to manufacture parts of thermosets and thermoplastics. In the injection molding material in granular or powder form comes in plastikatsionny cylinder injection molding machine, where the heated and stirred rotating screw (screw in cars.) In reciprocating engines mastication is carried out only by heating. During the processing of thermoplastic cylinder is heated to 200-350 C, the processing of thermosets to 80-120 C. The plasticized material in the forward movement of the screw or the plunger is forced into casting mold in which thermoplastics are cooled to 20-120 C (depending on brand), and thermosets heated to 160-200 C.

The mold material is kept under pressure to seal, which greatly reduces shrinkage while cooling out of shape. Produce injection-molded piece of the product. This method is the most prevalent in most industrial processing of thermoplastics. Him, but much less is also used for parts of some species reactive. The main advantages of injection molding under pressure are: universality in the processed forms of plastics, high performance mode the automated process, the high accuracy of the product, the ability to manufacture parts highly complex geometric shapes, unattainable using any other technology. In addition, injection-molded products produced armored, hybrid, hollow, multi-colored, plastic foaming out, etc. The method allows the molded mass of a gram to kilograms. There are examples of production of injection molding machinery parts of watches (weight 0,006 g), window frames and even bathrooms with fragments installed valves (weight 150 kg). Organic feature of the method is its cyclical nature, which, in general, constrain the performance of this process, compared with continuous technology.

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