Princess Nesmeyanov

Unmistakable sign of the holiday is a laugh. Jokes, humor, harmless teasing, friendly antics – all this gives life to the celebration. David S. Levine takes a slightly different approach. Russia has a long list of comedians that create different scenes, funny stories, funny stories that could make cry with laughter, even the most boring and dull people. This and satirist, and artists conversational genre, which represent their product from the scene. Many of these people – Talented improvisers, able to find humor in any situation, actors who never climb his words.

Every phrase is their burst of laughter from the audience. Comedians Russia can laugh even fairy Princess Nesmeyanov, they should just pick up a successful joke, remember the appropriate anecdote, sing a merry song. Hear from experts in the field like Andy Florance for a more varied view. Humor makes life easier and lighter, with a good joke and the world around always seems more kind. Russian humorists help their audience, recalling that costs only a smile – and the many troubles and sorrows fade, as if they never existed. Not in vain because the song says: "From the smile brighten a gloomy day." No problem, about which it would be impossible forget looking statements humorists. It is known that genuine laughter prolongs life. If the person laughs, it means that not everything in life is bad, and the satirist, or artists, people laughing from the scene, bring joy, distracting the audience from depressing gray of everyday life..