Problems of the

Problems of the dealership administrative problems occurred without interruption during 2008 in Deportes Concepcion. The non-registration of foreign players even led to threats of resignation. The bar and the fans participated in mass marches through the center of the city demanding a solution to the deepening crisis, through demonstrations outside the offices of the dealership and attorney Mario M nzenmayer, serving as president of the same . The threats were diluted in part when, through economic management of the dealership, it reached an agreement to pay the severance payments due. This will get the new team debut and began a campaign more than remarkable the court. However, the arrears of salaries for January and other debts with the squad of players and the club’s management team, the team are in constant threat.A claim of Santiago Morning erroneous entries on players during the first dates, meant the subtraction of 9 points for the team, which pretty much condemned to dispute the landing sites. A second sentence of the court of the ANFP deduction of 3 points will not be cred more for full payment of the forms of remuneration for the month of February. For its part, the sports corporation took legal action to prevent further concession damaging the club’s finances through the sale of assets. On the other hand, are reported by the press at this time numerous legal disputes leader Marcos Ulloa, director of the dealership, and rumors the lack of expected German resources are becoming stronger.Along with this, the existence of potential new investors, the “stagnation” Garces coach row and players Gabriel Diaz and Leonardo Marra, after episodes of bad checks, finished composing the management chaos that had engulfed Sports Conception in one of the worst crises in its history, again arising out of the soccer field, while within the field, and paradoxically, the team made a crable campaign that kept him on the top of the table in the Apertura 2008. Garc s finally left the institution in May 2008, when he signed to become the new coach of Spanish Union. After the Council of Presidents of the ANFP Club, held on 23 May, it was clear the critical state of the club.The Control Committee of the Economic Management recommended ANFP punish the team, preventing its participation in the Clausura and decreeing its First B automatic decline, even if that meant making a championship with 19 teams. Given this stark scenario, The sports corporation agreed with the dealership to club management on its part, citing the lack of resources available for that purpose.