Professional Edition

Some models are equipped with professional graphics Quadro nvs, designed for displaying information on a number of external displays (these adapters are certified for enterprise applications). There are even business notebooks (HP 2133 Mini-Note PC). The business notebooks are generally preinstalled os Windows xp Professional Edition or Windows Vista Business. NoutbukiMultimediynye multimedia laptops – is also rather vague category of laptops. Diagonal Size Screen Multimedia Notebook 15 – 17 inch multimedia notebook with a smaller diagonal almost does not occur because the small display size makes implementation of multimedia features. Simple multimedia laptops do not differ from middle-class notebooks.

Sometimes you can see a small screen on the back cover that allows you to view pictures and video clips do not open your laptop. Quite often found the ability to view movies and other multimedia files without booting the operating system. Advanced multimedia notebooks equipped with a tv tuner and remote control as the os usually perform Windows xp Media Center Edition or Windows Vista Home Premium. Positioning the laptop as a "multimedia" depends on the manufacturer. Typically, a multimedia notebook carry notebooks with graphics cards and processors of the middle class that allows you to use your laptop in almost any purpose, including for most games. Gaming noutbukiIgrovye laptops are designed for computer games. The main difference between a gaming notebook – processor and powerful graphics card. Despite the fact that the mobile versions of desktop video cards are inferior, they are able to provide enough comfort for the game in today's demanding games.