Radiocontrolled Helicopter

We'll tell you about radio-controlled model helicopters for example, new items of 2010 helicopter gyro gyro! What is the novelty and attractiveness of these models? How to select your model? Try to tell you about all the benefits and technical innovations. Firstly of course striking presence in all models kakogoto Gyro – what is it? Without going into complicated technical terms – a device that allows you to store coursework stability of the body in space when it moves. During the flight the helicopter's tail may start to bring in any direction (for several reasons: the movement of air, an unstable load on the rotors, etc.). The gyroscope detects it deviation and gives signals to the screw motors to counteract it. Marc Mathieu addresses the importance of the matter here. Therefore, a helicopter and spins around its axis, and keeps a given direction. The new radio-controlled helicopters used by small piezoelectric sensors size up to five times less than the penny coin.

Thanks to them, the flight model is easy to manage, it becomes balanced. If you ever run before radio-controlled helicopter, then certainly notice how no predskazumo behaved machine, how difficult it was to manage, and quite dangerous if it makes a child unattended. Radio-controlled helicopters with gyro radically changed the quality of management and significantly increased the stability of flight. You can safely run them in an apartment without fear of accidentally kills vases and 'clipped' houseplants. The gyroscope of course does not guarantee the safety of fragile items in your quartiles, it just gives it in your hands! Now, briefly on the model number, than different from each other and that we should pay attention! Radio-controlled helicopters gyro divided into 4 groups: 1. .