Triste a walked away leaving the newspaper, where he had crossed out the notices that he considered foolish, affairs were not for him. a One of the ads I've crossed out was described above and that said personnel for rationalization and company store, we require urgently. Interested in a suit filed in Los Sauces 123 San Isidro, during office hours. Preference will be given to exploring issues that dominate. UD a Tell me if this notice was not like for people with management studies. What does UD? a Here. a Rationalization is a process which aims at the optimization of the organization, systematization, which are designed for: forms, operating manuals, organization charts, etc., enabling everyone to work with speed, fluency, knowledge of which is their job, following the guidelines of the company.

of rationalization is the same as saying Organization and Methods. The main reason for the existence of a section or department Ma ALL in a company is in streamlining and simplifying the work done by its employees. This is her territory, of its activity. Making the work that each worker or employee of the company made in the best manner and under the best conditions This will directly lead to various issues such as: Improve the status and disposition of the job that make more rational job study how the operator performs his job. Observe the movements and steps for improvement. Eliminate those that are useless, inaccurate and cause loss of time. Streamline their work process ways of working Mix different operators performing the same job.

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