Ingredients: COD MASS: 1 spoon (soup) of oil of dend100g of butter without sal2 garlic teeth socados1 average onion ralada or picada1 spoon (soup) of red chili picado4 spoons (soup) of tomatoe gravy pronto1 leaf of louro400g of cod steeped and braised in I temper gosto1/3 of xcara (tea) of green olives picadas400ml of water filtrada200ml of milk frioSalMolho of pepper and temperos gosto350g of flour of trigo1/3 xcara (tea) of salsinha green picadRECHEIO: 400g of creamy requeijo or 200g of creamy requeijo mixed with 250g of steeped and braised cod gostoPARA EMPANAR: FOR EMPANAR: 1 egg slightly batido400g of flour of roscModo to prepare: It places in a pan the oil of dend and part of the butter (approximately 40g), dourando the garlic and the onion. After that, it joins the tomatoes, the chili, the parrot leaf, the cod, the olives and refogue per some minutes. It joins the remain of the butter, the water, milk, proves the temperos and it leaves in high fire until raising boil. It lowers the fire and it joins of one only time, the wheat flour, moving quickly until getting a mass that frees of the pan. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights. It disconnect the fire and it adds salsinha perforated. It spreads the mass on the group of benches and leaves to amornar. When he will be morna, it works the mass to prevent the formation of crust in the surface and rolls coxinhas or croquettes. Pass for the beaten egg and the thread flour, frying them in hot oil..