Solar System Secret

'We believe that the tape is a reflection' – said Jacob Hirihusen (Jacob Heerikhuisen), a visiting scholar in the field of Heliophysics, NASA, the University of Huntsville, Ala., – 'This is where the solar wind particles, ejected into interstellar space, are reflected back into the solar system galactic magnetic field. " Hirihusen (Heerikhuisen) – the main author of the article, in which the results of an investigation and which was published in the issue "Astrophysical Journal Letters" dated January 10 (Astrophysical Journal Letters). 'This is a very important discovery ", – said Eric Posner (Arik Posner), Fellow of the program" Explorer ISN Borders (IBEX) at NASA Headquarters. "Interstellar space located just outside the solar system, is largely unexplored area. Now we know that there may be strong, well-organized magnetic field, is located right on the threshold of our Solar System '. Data obtained using the apparatus of IBEX, in excellent agreement with recent results obtained with the Interstellar Voyager spacecraft (Voyager).

Voyagers 1 and 2 are now just at the border Solar system, and they also "feel" strong magnetism * nearby. However, measurements made by Voyager instruments are relatively narrow (local) character. Research unit IBEX provides information 'in broadly. " The tape on which he observes, is sufficiently large and stretched nearly the entire sky, and this suggests that the magnetic field beyond the tape should be equally great. Although the maps tape (See below) is a luminous body, in fact, the tape does not emit light. Instead, it asserts itself with the particles, called "energy neutral atoms' (ENA) – mainly hydrogen atoms.

Tape emits these particles, which captures the IBEX, moving in an orbit around the Earth. The reflection process is postulated Hirihusenom and other sponsors, is somewhat difficult to understand, and include multiple reaction 'charge exchange' between protons and hydrogen atoms. The outcome of this process, however, is simple. The particles that make up the solar wind, flying beyond the solar system and about retiring to a distance of 100 astronomical units (about 15 billion kilometers), in contact with the interstellar magnetic field. Magnetic forces detain "runaway" particles and cast them back whence they came. "If the mechanism process of reflection, really, is this – and agree not all – some form of tape will tell us much about the orientation of the magnetic field lines in our corner of the Milky Way '- said Hirihusen (Heerikhuisen). And this field, can be our future depends. The solar system now runs through the Milky Way area, teeming with cosmic rays and interstellar clouds. The magnetic field of our own Sun, vented solar wind in a bubble, called the "heliosphere", largely to protect us from these dangerous things. However, the bubble itself quite vulnerable and exposed to external fields. A strong magnetic field to the right for outside the solar system can compress the heliosphere and interact with an unknown manner. No one is quite certain to say whether this will increase our natural defenses or weaken it? Spacecraft IBEX will closely monitor the tape in the coming months and years "- says Posner. 'We can see the shape change of tape – and it will show us how we interact with a galaxy out there, at a distance …' It turns out that we can learn a lot by looking in the mirror. Stay in touch with the Science @ NASA, not to miss the latest news. Source: News from NASA's Astronomy rucskom language

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