Solarfox Display

Solarfox offers an innovative display system on the Solarfox offered a new display system, which is compatible to all models of Solare Datensysteme GmbH solar log. The innovative Solarfox displays are able to present the data in the system about photovoltaic systems appealing design and advertising. With the help of Solarfox displays can be played not only simple numbers, but pictures and animated graphics. An attractively designed software informs the connected solar power plant for everyone understandable the yield data. This uses the Solarfox system of more vivid images and diagrams. Visit Jonathan Hui for more clarity on the issue.

Also a comparison of electricity output and electricity consumption, a historical view of the year, the saved amount of CO2, as well as numerous other functions can be displayed. The content can be changed via the Internet using the Solarfox online management. Solarfox displays can be used in the plug & play procedure. A simple network connection (Ethernet) as well as a power supply are sufficient to the readings and data of a solar log to visualize. A Solarfox display can be used absolutely anywhere, i.e. it does not matter where the photovoltaic installation or the solar log is located. Data communication via the Internet, so that you can retrieve the data over long distances by a solar log. It is also possible to visualize multiple photovoltaic systems.

So can several solar log data logger is successively visualised on a display, and show various facilities. The displays are specially designed for continuous operation and can operate 24 hours a day. Robust high-quality housing, a warranty of 36 months, as well as an integrated overheating protection makes the devices meet the highest requirements. Numerous additional functions such as a weekly and trip timer make this product a professional solution. Solarfox displays suited for areas with high traffic. These include inter alia building of the public sector such as town halls, schools, Administration building, community houses, town halls, or team building. In commercial buildings, Solarfox advertising transported a company’s own contribution to reduce CO2 emissions. Individual advertising slogans complement the advertising effect. So, Solarfox displays already found in many supermarkets and home improvement stores. Many banks and savings banks operate now own photovoltaic systems. Solarfox displays reflect the contribution of the Bank to ecological energy Filialbesuchern here. Solarfox : the advantages at a glance: Compatible with the solar log models solar-log 1000, solar-log 500, solar-log 200, 800e, 400e, 100 representation of the General performance data of your solar power system daily, monthly, annual and overview of your current income comparison of saved CO2 amount of oil, gas and coal animated plant data and bar charts advertising for plumbers and craft operating individual graphics and layouts easy online management Solarfox is a registered brand of SOLEDOS GmbH contact: Solarfox display systems SOLEDOS GmbH Karl-Gross-str. 3 D-63584 Grundau Tel. 0 60 58 – 91 77 51 fax 0 60 58 – 91 77 52 E-Mail: Internet: