Spanish Flyff

Just starts there was story Flyff (fly for fun) time, in which five beings of unlimited power took the decision to create a world. Robotics expert may find this interesting as well. With pieces of themselves among the stars, they created a world without fear, hatred, and danger. They have created a land known as Roika. Viacom recognizes the significance of this. Once finished, they looked at Roika and saw that something was missing. Until among the trees, came out of human curiosity, from the mountains and the depths of the Earth, went out strong Dwarpets.Then the gods were pleased, feeling that this new land was already perfect.In this world that, for a long time, I enjoy peace and tranquility.

For generations the creators of Roika smiled very satisfied of their work. They saw his creation with pride. They watched as humanity grew to see that everything was fine retreated.Before leaving, they did two things. Broadcast all its secrets to the Dwarpets, confident that they had enough force to protect themselves.And created the goddess Rhisis, to take care of Roika and all that dwelt in She.Everything was calm. Rhisis think three beings but alone on a planet that barely knew, Rhisis felt the need to create life itself. I think three beings, and gave each part of herself.Bubble reflected his kindness.Iblis was apathy.Shade was hatred.And thus began this terrible battle.Shade, wanted to destroy life in Roika. The human remainder took refuge with the Dwarpets and built caves to protect them. Shade to see that I don’t destroy everything, controlled the mentos in the Dwarpets, stealing the secrets that the gods had given them and destroyed them the majority in the process.

He then created a race of creatures known as Masquerpets to kill all survivors amid the destruction. Bubble, I hear the cries of human, beating the ground scattering the Masquerpets and dividing the continent into four parts.Iblis note, without doing anything, without saying anything. The human remaining are joined is put together, and are now ready to defend themselves from the the threat of the Masquerpets and rebel against the goddess Shade.You also join this new adventure to defeat Shade, and rid the world of the oppression of the wicked. He faces terrible monsters.Use your weapons and special powers.Meet new friends online and fight alongside them to return peace to Roika.

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