Spirituality and mission

Very talented acters and actresses worked with is a Movie Producer and financier with over 13 years experience in business development and venture capital Francisco J. Rubia Vila is professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Among other charges, has been Director General for Research of the Community of Madrid. His specialty is the Physiology of the Nervous System, in the field who has worked for more than 40 years, with more than two hundred publications. It is also the author of books like? Manual of Neuroscience “,” The Link Divine? or “The brain mistake?, as well as editor of the blog Tendencias21 of Neuroscience. In the following exclusive interview, Rubia explained that the most important discovery in the field of neuroscience has been to overcome the mind-brain dualism.To understand the spirituality of Saint Faustina must know that spirituality is a systematic and prudent practices of the religious life of prayer, pious and according to rules, and simply covers everything that is part of religious life, that reality in which the man meets God.
Describing the Christian spirituality takes into account all the elements associated with the inner life, that is with the prayer, asceticism, the experience of the mysteries of the faith, liturgy, how to imitate Christ as well as the social fund and now also the psychological condition
His mission was to bring and proclaim to the world the truth revealed in Scripture on the merciful love of God to man.
Reaching the mercy of God to the world through new ways to practice the cult of Divine Mercy, the feast of Divine Mercy, crown to the Divine Mercy prayer at the time of Mercy and the spreading of the cult of Mercy.
For her the main Jesus is the prerogative of mercy and forgiveness that have no limits. A spirituality similar to that of so many saints such as St. Theresa of Lisieux.