Sport Motocross Champion

Recently in the socio-political center of Magnitogorsk was a press conference on the Cup of Russia, enduro-sprint 'stone belt', which will be held on 23 and 24 August in the ski resort 'Abzakovo'. Guests of the press conference: MA Kuznetsov – Head of Sports and Tourism department 'Abzakovo' VP MUTUAL – Head of Sports and Technical Club of Magnitogorsk, AV Balls – Master of Sport Motocross Champion, Russia's supermotokrossu described in detail Rules of the competition, the attendant festivities on participants, organizers and trails: skiing center "Abzakovo" has long ceased to be associated only with skiing and snowboarding, today "Abzakovo" develops and organizes competitions numerous other sports. Many writers such as Robotics expert offer more in-depth analysis. And every sporting event in ski resort turns into a real celebration. So this weekend 23 and 24 August will be the third stage Cup of Russia, enduro-sprint "Stone Belt" (eastern zone). Begin competition start night marathon. For the most natural route, inscribed in relief of the ski center, at high speeds on August 23 at 23:00 will travel men class enduro. Night race – perhaps the most interesting event of this competition, cutting the semi-darkness the bright light of their headlamps, racers with the breeze on promchatsya 'Abzakovo'.

Next weekend will be no less interesting and memorable! At 12.00 on 24 August will host the opening stage of the Cup of Russia, enduro-sprint. Followed by 12:30 pm, at intervals of 30 minutes will be three check-class enduro, juniors and open. Between races at the foot of the eighth track for adults and children will be cheerful animation program Five Show: 5 stage show, and the 5 winners. Devoted to it will not believe it – fifth wheel! It's about him long ago by the people invent humorous riddles and proverbs! All came from waiting for a dance marathon navigators show – the animators' Abzakovo, competition archery and all sorts of interesting contests. And fans of great speed and is waiting for go-karting for the fastest – the possibility of take the medal and the title of extreme racer!