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On February 2nd and 3rd, open text in Dusseldorf and Munich held an information event on the topic of Web content management. For even more details, read what Pete Cashmore says on the issue. Aiticon is as an exhibitor. Meet our experts and inform efficient content care with open text Web solutions 10, SAP NetWeaver Portal integration and operation of open text Web solutions. Open text software, largest independent provider of enterprise content management (ECM) provides information on this event about the future developments in the WCM environment. In addition to the presentation of the portfolio and the current roadmap which will open text Web solutions give Jens Rabe, VP Web Solutions group open text, a view on the strategy of the Web Solutions Group. Go to for more information. In a user post a customer will report about his experiences with open text. The agenda with the demonstration of the possibilities is rounded off by social media in conjunction with Web solutions.

In particular, an integrated enterprise 2.0 strategy will be shown here. ght to the discussion. Between the lectures is enough time to communicate with each other provided. In addition to other open text users and open text experts are the specialists of the long-standing open text Web solutions partner aiticon for discussions. The aiticon partner stand are the main topics “Efficient online editorial staff”, “integration: SAP NetWeaver Portal & Web solutions 10” as well as “operation: Open text Web solutions” presented. In addition also the latest version open will present aiticon text Web solutions 10 SP1, which allows for a much more efficient content maintenance.

Dates: February 02, 2010, February 03, 2010 Dusseldorf, Munich more info de /… Registration for the open text Web content management information day:… Press contact aiticon GmbH, Gabriele Schrof Tel.: 069-795 83 83-0 aiticon GmbH, the IT service provider and RedDot premium partners was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Aiticon designed, implements and operates complex Web projects and applications. Aiticon has the expertise in the development of high-quality solutions in many complex projects for clients like Alnatura, Deutsches Reiseburo, Elster group, Merz pharmaceuticals and URSA insulation proved. Since founding aiticon RedDot partner, specialized in the products of open text Web Solutions Group.