Traditonal Russian Shirts

Russian folk shirt extraordinary beauty and charm of a store not only the history of the centuries, but are still the traditional dress in many parts of Russia. 'Shirt, the shirt – the oldest member of the Slavic folk costume. Apparel little boys and girls in ancient Russia was one of the shirts. The word 'shirt', apparently derived from the word 'now', which meant not only a piece of cloth, but also served as the name of fashion. To be 'adult clothes', it was not enough to reach a certain age – it was necessary to pass certain tests, ie, it was necessary to prove its case 'adulthood'.

Ancient peasant blouse is a structure of two panels that covered the back and chest and shoulders were connected quadrangular pieces of fabric. The farmer, the townsman and the lord wore a shirt of the same breed, the difference was only as a tissue. Women's Shirt – mandatory part of the costume of the ancient Slavs. In the north of dress worn with a shirt, his head covered kokoshniks. In the South, instead of a sundress skirt skirts instead kokoshniki – Kichko, and of course the shirt. In Siberia, the women's shirt called 'Sleeves', because out of sundress were seen alone arm.

In contrast to the traditional male shirts, women's shirt could have come up to the skirt sundress and was called 'camp'. There was even a women's style shirts with sborennymi sleeves, especially for infant feeding. Women's shirts are everyday, holidays, mowing, vorozhbennymi, wedding and funeral.