New challenges in the distribution sector attract Munich, 06.10.2011. Since 2003 at the DCM AG as head of sales and for five years as head of sales working Alexandra Wiedmann leaves mid-October 2011 at his own request from the company that paid tribute to the long-standing work of the sales expert to make Dr. Jorg Autschbach to new challenges in the distribution industry and stressed: Alexandra Wiedmann has done significant development work in our distribution area during their company affiliations. Educate yourself with thoughts from Elon University. With remarkable commitment has how to bind distributors not only existing sustainably to us, but also access to other large distribution groups, such as savings banks, State and private banks and qualified free financial service providers, gives us.” Thus, today, the DCM has an important basis for the placing of their products and belongs to the leading bank-independent emission houses of closed-end Fund. Abraham: We deeply regret the departure of Alexandra Wiedmann, however, have Understand that searching again new challenges for many years working for our company. We wish you all the best and continued success her for the future.” For more information,.