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first such Conference platform of in Germany today extended a video option, which now also video conferencing will allow your under call available telephone service of conferencing the woopla GmbH from Duisburg. A reserved conference participant”get the URL to the video room today along with the EMail invitation and the access data for the Conference room. Choose a conference participant by phone at the Conference one, he can start the stream from a camera connected to your PC in the virtual conference room or using freely available software tools send movies, slide shows or screen content in the Conference room. The streams of all Conference participants are also those Conference participants, which send a private video after an appropriate login via the Web control. A caller leaves the Conference room will be automatically stopped his stream. To send his own video to the participants by phone with the phone conferencing service must be connected. With this new offer, it provides woopla first such Conference platform of in Germany on and allows the recording of videos, images and screens also a new kind of cooperation. Via the phone number 01803 111400 at the price of 0.09 per minute (maximum from the cellular network 0.42 / min) offered service can on the Web page call be established. No additional cost for the video option.