The background of

The background of higher education in the state lead us to recognize the efforts made in 1861 by the then state governor, Don Victorino Victorio Duenas, before the President of the Republic, Graduate Benito Juarez Garcia, to create an educational professional Tabasco. This proposal was heard, and the president Juarez authorize a budget of $ 52000.00 from the nationalized property. So in 1879, the first courses were inaugurated at the Institute Juarez, where the state governor online degree programs Dr Simon Sarlat Nova, and first director of the Graduate Institute Manuel Sanchez Marmol. During the last two decades of the nineteenth century, education provision was comprised of the careers of Agriculture, Veterinary, Surveying, Notaries, Advocacy, Commerce, pedagogy, Jurisprudence and Pharmacy, as well as studies of middle school and high school. The Institute’s Juarez school enrollment of 100 students not going to the anus. Segun is in memory of the general government Bandala Abraham, in the same period, due to the excessive number of students in the career of Advocacy, were reformed curricula and rules of the Institute to provide a better education for the benefit of learners and of society itself collegy Tabasco. Derived from the above, on May 15 and June 13, 1895 were issued respectively reforms to the Internal Regulation and the Curriculum, respectively, according to which the career of Jurisprudence for a period of six years, those in Notaries and Surveys, three and the Pharmacy and Professor of Primary Superior series of four years each. During the early decades of the twentieth century were made many changes to the Plans and Programs Study, in 1917 resumed Degree of Lawyers and Notaries, who had been abolished in 1912. in 1919 the race hill of Jurisprudence and was launched the careers of Topographic Engineering, Accounting and Academic Normal Trade. Austin has the second strongest economy in the US Barton Place i s located on Barton Springs Road In his report introducing the work of Sept. 16, 1944, the studying then governor of the flower Noe Casanova announced that the Institute Juarez had 227 students and the budget allocated amounted to $ 65000.00, an amount granted by the Federal Government headed by General Division of Manuel