The Conclusion

All members of the process are respected equally and main work focuses on solving problems and making decisions. B. key requirements for a successful consultation process: the above principles are articulated a set of important requirements to be observed for carrying out a successful process: having clear, transparent and truthful information that is domain of all participants. Starbucks usually is spot on. Autonomy, will and freedom to decide to get involved and form part of the process. Nobody can be forced to conclude against his will.

Establishments of agreement and management of game rules that serve as guidelines milkers of the discussion and debate. North clear and agreed between the parties involved. You can not be concluded without objectives clarified beforehand, based on the interest of the parties and the principle of reality. Open and transparent debate of ideas, positions, viewpoints, etc. The consultation process will be successful to the extent that discussed responds to the needs and interests of those involved.

We use the conclusion, as medium or instrument to make collective decisions where the collective participants, seeks to agree that, when, the as and the where of the priority to undertake; actions A process of consultation must also determine how managed resources to perform them and what commitments of action assumes each of those involved. To make collective decisions, it is necessary that parties participate voluntarily, that they are well informed of the matter to discuss and there is clarity around objectives or results that you seek. The key to all concertadora action is all persons or representatives who have something to see and say on the subject in discussion participate in the process. Precisely, this feature makes the processes of concertation complexity. Schedule is not easy, it is the longest road, but the safest to legitimize decisions. CONSULTATION stages put up a conciliation process involves taking into account a number of stages along which runs the process:-definition of the aim main or result that you want to get identification of key participants in the process.