The Distraction

Yes, it’s true: should start only to build your Web site once you know it is going to sell and have written your sales letter. In such a way that the design of your site will facilitate the sales process. The most important part that should be in! account when designing your Web site is to keep it SIMPLE!. You have only 10 seconds to capture attention in the moment that someone comes to your Web site if they will not, go, and not ever see again them. Some important to bear in mind tips: choose a flat like Arial or Verdana font. Use black text on a white background.

Make sure your navigation is clear and simple, and include a sitemap (Sitemap). Avoid striking use or the distraction of flash or audio (using the video and audio is acceptable only as a support, because it rather than distracts from her message). Be sure to include an OPT-IN form to collect the names and emails of their visitors in return offer them something useful, like a free subscription to a monthly newsletter or a free report containing useful information. If you train a little HTML and design yourself your site, or hiring a designer to do it for yourself, your goal isn’t to mislead its visitors, must guide them gradually and step by step to through the purchasing process. Make it easy to buy him, and will do it! Step #4: Use the most powerful search engines on the network to generate tons of traffic to your Web site.

Now that you have your site built, it is time to begin to sell. But how to get traffic to a new website? The answer is: search engines!. About 90% of users begin with free search engines at the time of search for information online, so you must be sure that your site is positioned in the highest places possible lists.