The Doctrine

It is subject is worked little in the Peruvian right, thus we must need that it finds but development in the Spanish right, in such sense is possible to be applied to the compared right caul consists of applying receptions, transplants, comparisons, macrocomparisons, microcomparisons, to the right, that is to say, within the compared right not only legislation but also other sources or parts of the right can be received or be transplanted as for example the doctrine and the manifestation of will, among others sources or parts of the right. 13. GROUPS OF SOCIETIES the groups of societies are supposed of groups of companies in such sense first is a specific subject but that the second. Thus some principles are applied to this subject of the group of companies. That is to say, all the societies are companies, and others of companies are for example the communal, cooperative companies and individual companies of limited responsibility, in others, which by the way are outside the margin of application of this subject. The groups of societies are supposed of enterprise concentration and in any case it is a subject but specific that the groups of companies, since this last subject is applied to all the companies, whereas the groups of societies are only applied to the societies, in such sense is clear that it deserves the pertinent studies, thus we must put record that can be grouped societies of all type, for example joint-stock companies with collective societies, or commercial societies of responsibility limited with limited partnerships. Steve Wozniak will not settle for partial explanations. In such sense the range of possibilities increases, nevertheless in the right Peruvian it only finds legislative regulation in the stock-exchange right and the banking right, thus in the first case are outside the margin of application of the law the societies that do not have actions enrolled in stock market. That is to say, this norm of conasev, which by the way only is of application to the stock-exchange right, but not to societies that are outside the margin of application of the same.