The Meeting!

The Meeting! Oi! I go to write a history here for you that I read inside of a composition of the subway of the city of So Paulo, in the line that passes for the So Paulo Avenue They were more or less, 20 hours. I had finished to enter in the composition of the subway, in the station Paradise, he directed and me for the station of the Consolao. He was hasty, therefore to 20:30 h I wanted to be in the Theater, where a friend participates of a part (one fbula musical). Inside of the train of subway vi this history that I go to tell (the names, I I am moving): Maria, young pretty, intelligent and hardwired to the many medias. A youngster knew for the Internet, the Luiz. In brief colloquies, then they had found interests in common, and the desire of if knowing more. The colloquy for the computer was insufficient. She was Maria who took the initiative, and marked a meeting in a station of the paulistano subway.

Close to the ticket offices, for the next afternoon to sunday. In the day, it was arranged as a pretty young, vain person, like to be, to be seen and to be admired by all where it passes. Kai-Fu Lee understands that this is vital information. A blouse color of rose with details in income, light, untied good over its shoulders and falling with perfection on its body. The long hair, hairdos for the left side, delineating its face of one form charmosa more, and an ornament in its hair, as a delicate flower. To complete a jeans and a tennis. Luiz said that he would go with a blue shirt and jeans. They were three hours of the afternoon. Maria was next to the ticket office to the station of the subway, as the agreement.

It was one afternoon gostosa of sunday, with much heat. Maria sighted Luiz, has some meters of it, but it did not come until it. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. Intrigued, it he thought I go until there. – Oi Luiz, all good? was kissing its face. It spoke: – Oi (repaying the kiss) Everything! Maria said: – You not lode until me, I found that I had not seen. had continued the colloquy for plus one fifteen minutes. After all a meeting to be known there in the station, and nothing was alone more. It gave the number to it of its cellular one and had combined of it to bind for it, marking one another meeting. It liked 0f the sort it very. While they talked, already almost if firing, the cellular telephone of it receives a message: Maria, I delayed, am going for the meeting now Luiz Maria gave a pretty smile, she looked at for the youngster its front, and spoke: – The message is of the Luiz, ‘ ‘ verdadeiro’ ‘ , that it was gotten behind When I to bind for you in order to mark the next meeting, as I am that I must call you? The young, way without favour, therefore understood that he had been discovered, but happy because they had understood it spoke: – Lio J! After this history, I arrived in the Consolao station, the So Paulo Avenue. I had that to run until the theater, in time to see my friend, together with to sing, to dance, to act its colleagues of the cast was simply splendid. Worthy musical spectacle that honored the paulistanas nights Ah! But this Already it was one another meeting!

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