The Minsk Automobile Plant

In the summer of this year, the Minsk Automobile Plant joined the Association of Russian Automakers. Such a step is not accidental, because the products produced by MAZ, consumed it in our market. Prospects and horizons MAZ On the territory of Russia are working 58 Minsk Automobile dealers and organized dozens of certified service stations Maz. Minsk Automobile Plant is a daily work upgrading of basic designs, are used extensively promising technologies, expanding product range and volume of production. Considerable attention is paid developers MAZ environmental output products, which is considered obligatory criteria of the European quality.

Manufactured products MAZ presents widely on a variety of exhibitions held outside Belarus. Some new items in the this year were shown at the Russian Exhibition "Comtrans-2008. But Minsk manufacturers of trucks and buses do not plan to be limited expanse of the Russian market in September MAZ involves participate in a prestigious exhibition in Hanover. There will be a competitive show for the city bus that meets the most stringent European standards. A wide range of products The list of MAZ Minsk Automobile products is quite wide.

Automotive Technology MAZ includes many popular trucks: medium-duty and on-board vehicles, tractors and dump trucks. At the MAZ manufactured auto mixers, truck cranes, road tankers, cement trucks, cranes, semi-trailers and food tanks. Also, on the MAZ establish different model Vans (industrial, insulated, isothermal, refrigerators, furniture, car repair, etc.). Communal motor-vehicle supplied by MAZ, includes sewage, ilososnye, vacuum machines and Cars for debris removal. In addition MAZ succeeded in producing trailers, trailers and buses. Leasing MAZ order to become the owner of MAZ, there is no need to pay the entire amount at once. In addition to various forms of lending acts very convenient option of leasing. Leasing program provides an opportunity to rent a motor-vehicles for the period from six months to 15 years. Benefits from such schemes are many. Firstly, it is possible to continually update an aging vehicles, entering into an agreement to lease a new technique. Second, the lease payments include the cost of products that can reduce tax payments. Thirdly, there is no need to expend their own capital to purchase machinery, being able to take advantage of the loan. Usually, taking into account the depreciation of fixed assets and is engaged in the lessor, which allows significant simplify accounting. Minsk Automobile Plant produces accurate and competitive products, supplying it with a convenient service, are contributing to the widespread dissemination of motor vehicles MAZ in the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States and beyond its borders.