THE NAZI CONNECTION BUNGE BORN WITH THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION AND THE OPERATION CONDOR 20Brussell 20Articles/Nazi 20Connection 20to 20JFK 20Assass.html The Nazi connection with the assassination of John F. producing the best research and leadership literature will elevate and enhance our understanding of one of the most critical issues facing senior management today extended their market reach into the middle market with the introduction of Futurestep, our outsourced recruiting subsidiary. Kennedy Evidence of link between Nazis still in operation after the Second World War with the unsolved murder of John F.Kennedy by Mae Brussell (from the brief publication of Larry Flynt The rebel, January 1984) ————————————————– —————————— 1940-1945: The Nazi Connection to Dallas: General Reinhard Gehlen The sparrow-faced man with the combat fatigues of an American general clambered down the stairs transport aircraft from the U.S. Army on arrival at Washington National Airport. It was August 24, 1945, two weeks after the surrender of Japan, three months after the German surrender. The general was taken into a windowless van and taken to Fort Hunt outside the capital.He was assisted by nurses in white shirt and the next morning, equipped with a dark-gray suit of one of the most elegant shops of Washington. General Reinhard Gehlen was ready to make a deal. Reinhard Gehlen had been, until the capitulation of the past, intelligence chief of Adolf Hitler against the Soviet Union. His captors had covered one American in their uniforms to deceive the Russians, who were hunting as a war criminal. Now, U.S. intelligence would deploy Gehlen and his network of spies against the Russians. The Cold War was underway. This is a story of Nazis as a key, even when the Wehrmacht was on the offensive, expected military disaster and laid plans to transplant Nazism, intact but disguised, in havens in the West. It is the story of how honorable men, and some not so honorable, so blinded by the red danger that fell into lockstep with nazi designs.It is the story of The Odd Couple plus one: the mafia, the CIA and fanatical exiles, each with its own reason for killing Kennedy. It’s a story that ends in Dallas on 22 November 1963, when John Kennedy was shot. It is a story with a sequel – U.S. slide to the brink of fascism. As William L. Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, I began to talk about the excesses of the Nixon administration, “we can become the first country to go fascist through free elections.” Picture of the World Wide General Reinhard Gehlen, shown (center) in a rare photograph taken during World War II. Even Robert Ludlum would have been difficult to invent a more improbable espionage yam. In the eyes of the CIA, Reinhard Gehlen was an “asset” of staggering potential.He was a professional spy, violently anti-Communist, and best of all, the driver of a vast underground network still in place within the borders of Russia. His last pictures did not matter. “He is on our side and that is what matters,” chuckled Allen Dulles, a U.S. intelligence official during the war who later headed the CIA. “Furthermore, it is necessary to make a Gehlen to a club.” Gehlen negotiated with the U.S. “hosts” with the cold hand of the player from Las Vegas. When the German collapse was at hand, had looked to the future.