The phenomenon of Brands in Neuquen (Argentina)

The Brands also known as private staff label, distributor, white or English-language retail and private labels or store brands, are trademarks of ownership, control and sold exclusively by retailers. These brands have a leading share of sales in European countries agency stretching from there to other continents. Are to present in summary a number of conclusions reached after studying the phenomenon of Brands in the city of Neuquen (Argentina) store brands in jobs in supermarkets, after 2001 had a boom, but declined to improving agencies the economic situation, “probably can be associated with quality, because store brands were emerging and were directly positioned as the cheapest product market. Now, however, very few people who do not purchase private label products it deemed poor quality. Private brands are inversely related to the state of health of the economy, thus: when recession soar sales and contract sales jobs when human resources times are good. In times of rising inflation, such as that Argentina is experiencing, the middle and lower substantially lose their purchasing power and try to buy the same, with less money. In a situation of economic slowdown and lower growth ‘own brands may have more penetration because they are cheaper and it is likely that consumers tend to prefer these products even more. The supermarkets, in adopting the concept of private labels, they do it as a strategic measure for among other things: 1) Improving profitability 2) Offer your customer an alternative to your choice, usually, a more favorable price 3) To act as a regulator of prices and as a counterweight to the power of consumer brands lideresLos more favorable attitude toward store brands in Neuquen are people with average incomes part time jobs Ages between 18-25 years and those over 50 years Large Families The female gender is slightly more than men’s consumer research results showed that consumers of products of Brands, prefer to buy cheaper products, although not as well known brand. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre Additionally part time the research revealed that sensitivity to the value for ‘quality to store loyalty, brand loyalty, perceived risk of buying own brand products, the association with quality and price reliance on extrinsic attributes, not have a significant impact on the attitude towards Brands. Although not detected a high intention of purchasing Brands among most respondents, over half of people management jobs said they consultants had bought private label products. It found that people who do not purchase Brands is mainly to rely more on the leading brands do not consider it cheap. Nevertheless, the field study in hypermarkets was shown that the Brands are considerably more expensive than premium brands. It is noteworthy that there are product categories where private labels have a greater degree of acceptance than others. Many job search consumers are unaware that the same companies that produce brand with significant market presence are the ones who also manufactured inputs retailers (supermarket).