The “precarious” new social class

The poor is an expression vitamins taken from the study of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, linked to the German Social Democratic Party SPD a neologism, which vitamin in Castilian title can be translated as “society in transformation.” It refers to people with temporary employment contracts, or who spend long periods of unemployment, low wages when cancer they work without training and without family networks.
The term was introduced into the political debate in the Spanish election campaign for legislative elections in 2008 by Gaspar Llamazares. According to this, it would be a social class, composed in Spain for eleven million workers with precarious employment, with less than 1,000 companies euros monthly and hourly huge, which include both persons of Spanish nationality and immigrant. As a concept has health received various criticisms. The choice of the amount of 1000 euros a month is mileurista term as referring to, and termination-ariado uniquely refers to the classical categorization (in Marxist terms) of the proletariat in the first and Second Industrial Revolution, often considered obsolete after the third industrial revolution.

Yesterday, the High Court in Electronic Data Systems Corporation v. Attorney products General, that it is not paying unused vacation time to involuntary termination of employees is a violation of the Massachusetts Wage Act ( MGL ch. 149 ‘148). The Wage Act provides that “wages” include “vacation payments to an employee under an oral or written agreement.”
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Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia – (Market Wire – June 16, 2009) – A local employment project is supported sales by the Canadian government to two unemployed Nova Scotians with company experience in heritage property restoration. Mr. Greg Kerr, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs and Member of Parliament for West Nova, made the announcement today on behalf of the Honorable Diane …
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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a “dramatic expansion” in relations with India and offered nutrition tips on what were usually the role of H-1B visa program.