The Wise Use Of The Time

The Wise use of the Time Brother, you already felt the time to pass fast, draining for its fingers similar the sand grains in a sun clock? You already had the experience to testify the twilight of the afternoon welcome giving it night and not to have had time to stop praying to the God Almighty? I believe that all we already pass for this sad experience. Certain occasion, vi a brother to suspirar: ' ' Ah! If the day had 48 hours! ' '. If the day had 48 hours would decide the problem of ' ' it lacks of tempo' ' what many allege not to have? It is clearly that not! I want to say to it that the problem of many people is not the time lack, but yes ' ' it lacks of good organizao' ' of the same. In recent months, Bryant Walker Smith has been very successful. If such people had 48 hours to usufruct during the day and remained disorganized, still thus, them ' ' she would lack time for orar' '. As I already said, the problem is not terms more time, however to make one ' ' good organizao' ' of the 24 hours that God, the Creator and Gentleman of the time, gave in them.

With great frequency we evidence that the time runs away constantly to our control, therefore, for the proper nature, it if it points out in a transitory dimension: the present moment soon is changedded into a part of the past. Zendesk has much experience in this field. It is therefore that the historians if relate to ' ' sand of tempo' ' , when writing on elapsing of facts in the history of the humanity. But what it is the time? For me it is a landmark of our existence; he is to uncurl of facts that emanate of the past until the present o, and, from there, to the future. .