Initially inspired by Telesia Bernardino (1509-1588), although tree center later differentiate their thinking. Telesia intended to study the nature of its own principles, which was reduced to the action of heat and cold on the body, thus alienating israel – center both Aristotle and the magic. Telesia asserted the autonomy of nature and therefore the need to study so indepdendiente to metaphysics from information supplied by sense experience. Observed in the thinking of Telesia, some components based on the animistic presocraticos. Campanella, unlike kabbalah Telesia is something about the magic and animism. His theory of knowledge argues that all knowledge derives from the the kabbalah sensitivity and can be reduced. Then, the sensory knowledge provides absolute certainty and therefore requires no evidence of any kind. Skepticism does not make sense because there is an innate power in the soul that ensures unquestionable principles, the first being that we exist, we think, want and can. This knowledge of himself in this budget any knowledge of things outside. We know, first of all, ourselves, and only know things as we know external modified or impressed by them Campanella this awareness extends to all beings.
It was a utopian communism. Demonstrated cabalakabala against Scholasticism and combining the ideas of sensuality and deismo with mystical and religious conceptions. He was persecuted by the Inquisition because of his freedom of thought. Many movie producers started like is currently involved in development of the independent feature, Carjacked with production scheduled for early in 2010. He dreamed of a free humanity and prosperous, confident that his dream could become reality with the help of the Papacy. Base their ideals on the mandate of the reason and the laws of nature. Imagine a communist society both in terms of property ownership and the ownership of women and children. Shortly after leaving the prison came to be persecuted and had to seek refuge study center in France. Many of his philosophical proposals were similar to those adopted later by Rene Descartes kaballah and Immanuel Kant. mysticism Philosophical doctrine admits its powerlessness of sensitive red string knowledge to know the reality outside, but recognizes the zohar importance los angeles center of internal knowledge as an experience is. By way of San Agustin, the existence of God follows from the idea of its existence in man, that perfection can not be a product of ours. In his Civitas Solis described a utopia in which the Catholic Church dominates all spiritual center spheres of life, ideas for implementation in his book concerning the Spanish monarchy to the rule really exists then, meditation center Espana.

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