Toggle VoiceOver

Triple triple click Home click the Home button will allow you to do one of four actions (depending on what you have is in the settings): Toggle VoiceOver, Toggle White on Black, Toggle Zoom or Ask. Samsung Electronics may not feel the same. The most interesting, in my opinion, is the option Toggle White on Black (although This option can go through and Ask). This is a color inversion. White becomes black, red – in blue, green – in purple, blue – yellow. You may ask: why? Well, so you can answer if you do not like to read light font on a dark background, it can be easily corrected by triple clicking on Home.

And before you will be a dark font on a light background. Impressive? To set up the inversion program, go to Settings, then General – Accessibility – TripleClick Home – Toggle White on Black. Now let consider two useful combinations based on the simultaneous use of keys Home and Sleep / Wake. 1. You can do a screen shot of your iPad if you press and hold the Sleep / Wake, and after that just click on Home. Captured screen you look for in a program Photos. Not only will you be able to use the screenshot as the wallpaper for the iPad, but also have the option to send it via email or print on your printer supports technology AirPrint.

2. If your iPad is frozen or functioning properly, you can restart it using the above key combination. Only now you have to simultaneously press the keys on Sleep / Wake and Home, and hold them for ten seconds to fully reset iOS. Reboot will be implemented immediately as soon as you see on the screen, Apple Logo. Lever, Mute / Lock This switch can operate in two modes: 'Disable / Enable Sound' mode or 'Close / Open The Castle'. If you have the phone rang, you simply toggle Mute mute the iPad, than turn down the volume, but after you hang up the phone again to add. A lock can be used to lock the rotation of the screen. You can fix the orientation of the screen in portrait or landscape form. This is convenient when reading or watching a movie. Choose which option is right for you. The choice of a setup is performed via the Settings, the menu General – Use Side Switch to – Lock Rotation or Mute. These options are available to you on March 11, 2011, as they are part of the system settings iOS 4.3. The future is already near you! 😉 Do surveys and you will learn what unique features and the software gives you Tablet PC iPad. In our office you can buy iPad iPad and 2, accessories and related peripherals that allow you to work faster and more productive than your competitors.

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