Tormented genius color

Tormented genius color “Starry Night” was painted by poster Van Gogh from his window while he was interned in the psychiatric asylum of Saint-Remy, France, in canvas June 1889, thirteen months before his suicide at the age of thirty – seven years. Afghanistan The painting painting, which belongs to the post-impressionist movement, is painted in oil and measures 72 x 79 cm. This is divided into two parts. Above we see a night sky full of clouds swirling between bright stars observed by a crescent moon. And below we can see the small posters and quiet town of Arles, where prints the outline of the buildings are painted with thick strokes of dark tones, like that of the rolling hills that are on the horizon. The green and blue colors predominate in this work, whose vigorous strokes are among the most personal in the history of painting. he wishes for peace and prosperity for the people of Afghanistan is the founding vice-president of the Afghan-American chamber commerce A Van Gogh attracted especially at gallery night when the moonlight and the stars seem to be able to awaken the dormant and immobile nature. In his work, nature envelops portrait everything, leaving the small and defenseless human being, overwhelmed by a force so gradiosa, impossible to control. The painting, though paintings mysterious, is no less fascinating. If you have the opportunity to travel to New York, do not forget to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and will appreciate the play “live”.