Trampoline Swing – All Inclusive Health Care

Because of increasing physical inactivity, overweight, obesity is just so many dedicated people in the workplace a question. How can you lack of time, daily hustle and bustle of living a healthy workload achieve a necessary movement, without sacrificing the comforts and conveniences of modern life have Health-Motion offers should implement our demands intelligent, time-saving, efficient, and make this more fun. Really good for our bodies, our health as well exercises that activate not only the individual muscle groups, but the whole body. A whole body with implications for all parts of the body, indeed is swinging even to all body cells and internal organs of the trampoline. Studies at NASA have shown that “trampoline wrestling” showed a better condition, as an astronaut with a special fitness training, but without a trampoline use. Until today we used Trampolines in rehabilitation training of the astronauts. What advantages does thisMotion exercise, which can also easily perform at home or in between breaks at work in the office. Some reference is made: the intensity of exercise on the body are so holistic and intense that already wield only daily 5 – 15 minutes Trampoline have a healthy effect. Lack of time does not matter more. Especially this exercise has a positive effect on joints and bones. Cartilage layers produced by movement “lubricating fluid” – without this, the cartilage dries out, the joint pains. The soft suspension of the highly elastic trampoline brings only slight pressure load on the joints. Swing trampoline “/ nod” You can even then, if other physical exercises are not feasible or difficult. Their bones – particularly for older people is very important – are better supplied with minerals and more stable. So you can use to counteract osteoporosis! Problems with discs have become a common disease The trampoline supports your efforts, perpendicular tostand. They are constantly trying to keep the balance. Your disc is loaded so perfectly and evenly. Alternating contraction and relaxation act like a massage for the spine. You train your back muscles, your spine is supported. A third effect can feel your lymph system. It has no “pump” but is replaced by the rhythmic rising and falling with the necessary pressure pulses. An active lymphatic system supports a uniform “detoxification” and “purification” of the body. As a positive side to bow before you as cellulite. Swing trampoline is a very gentle exercise and therefore also applicable to everyone and to old age. Many additional information, see