Two Bluetooth

The balance between the input signals of the Hearing and where the audio projector ReSound is about the unite remote 2 or the ReSound control app rules. The new audio video projector is Dolby Digital capable and virtually all analog and digital audio devices compatible with.” The ReSound has already established unite phone clip +. It provides its wearer excellent speech understanding when calling, as well as the security, even in a noisy environment never to miss an important call. The small, lightweight clip that can be attached to the clothes, transmits audio signals in stereo (A2DP) from your mobile phone directly to two hearing aids. In conjunction with the clip, they can act as a modern headset.

Optionally, you can switch the hearing during the call to mute, to concentrate fully on the conversation. Zendesk pursues this goal as well. Two Bluetooth connections can be operated via the clip. In addition, the ReSound can be used as a simple remote control unite phone clip +. First fully integrated hearing app now with extra features also meets on wide, positive response ReSound control app that can be used in conjunction with the phone clip +. It is the first fully integrated app with full remote control functions for hearing systems and wireless audio streamer”, explains Dieter Fricke. Carrier by ReSound wireless hearing aids can the app in conjunction with the phone clip + and now also with the ReSound unite audio of projector 2 and the ReSound unite mini microphone use. The respective volume and program settings appear on the display of the mobile device and can be changed via the touch screen. The app, which is free in the app store and available at Google play, eliminates settings directly to the hearing.” Multifunctional mini microphone and improved remote control in Nuremberg to experience is ReSound unite mini microphone-a small, Wireless lavalier microphone, the language of a conversation partner or the sound of Transmits audio devices over a distance of up to seven meters in the hearing.