Once I saw a cartoon that showed the actions of a community composed of blue characters with different characteristics. One of them was "Afraid" and as its name said, was fear of everything. He lived scared and did not dare to undertake any enterprise, because he was afraid of failure and the worst, unconsciously felt useless and helpless. One day, before a natural disaster suffered by the people, should collect some logs of a turbulent stream, with which it would stop the flood. All cooperated less "Afraid." Seeing this, his teammates tried to help, and devised a plan that was to take a little strawberry jam into thinking it was a magic potion that untarsela at the tip of the nose, would gain wisdom, strength and courage to participate in the solution of emergency was presented. With great faith, "Fearful" put a little strawberry jam on his nose, he began work and was very effective, accumulated many logs and all were very pleased by the change from "Afraid" and what it had meant in the joint effort for a common goal.

Everything was fine until he realized that the water had washed his nose and got scared because he thought he was not going to keep working, but then friends told him the truth and made him see that his skills and energy came from inside and that he had strength in itself. This gave him confidence and self esteem. This story shows the main reason why many people have low rates of development and live according to what others have undertaken.