United Nations

Much will these days is talking about Haiti, but like many we set up until when? do lasted us how long? one or two months at most, then passed to sleep the sleep of the righteous, just like many other news covering major newscasts, both spoken as writings, even on television, there is no day that we not open with images of the great catastrophe. But the problem is not only the current state of all those poor people, no, the problem comes from much more back, when Governments that now are so supportive and are fighting to be the first to lead the aid. No, the problem comes, since when all I say all, they looked for another part, with all and each one of the dictatorships that have been passed down, the misery that has been indulging for each and every one of these countries, including United Nations, looking for another side, until you pass something like this and all are good and supportive. Where were they all, when from various NGOs asked for help for this town. But it is not only Haiti, there are many others sites that have already been forgotten and not mention a single country, because I don’t remember everyone, that are only points on maps, only have black or red or points of color that you want. America Central and southern Africa, although here is normal, Asia, lo de siempre, Europe, we are all rich. This does not work and is today Haiti, tomorrow, tomorrow that more gives, become hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and all we will come back very supportive, but meanwhile, life remains the same and not news of the past month, concern us because they no longer sold and solidarity we forget until the next, which draw on TV and teach us to those peopleIt seems to us a video game, which donate a few pounds in that time, we already passed screen and return to our first world.