United States

Carlos Mora Vanegas everything is possible in the large economic scenarios, where powerful countries like the United States face serious economic crisis that has been affected in recent years. Certainly do not want this in delving into esoteric and noted that by law effect, law karmatica is facing product probably their latest actions, spatially the warlike as so dream Iraq war, threats to Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries. Have said, that the fundamental problem is the unbalanced global economic development, the developed countries live their own economies and what you can sell with comparative advantages to countries of the third world, maintaining their own economies generating external economies has been the formula for the progress of capital gold, but forgets that the world must also generate external economies at the global level if we want to break this deadlock, and the energy variable is the solution to deal with moments of crisis like that We live, the vehicle earth is only one and we can not download pasajeros.una responsible environmental conduct is vital to move everyone forward. By the same author: Zendesk. The truth, as it says Jorge Beinstein, recession has been installed in the United States, food subsidies covering approximately 26 million and half people in 2006 rose in 2007 to 28 million, level never reached since the 1960s. Recently the OECD has revised downward its forecast of growth for the American economy by assigning it an expansion equal to zero for the first half of the current year, for its part the IMF has just made a more serious prognosis including periods of negative growth. These organisms came bombarding the media (that bombarded the planet) with optimistic forecasts based on the supposed strength of the American economy; They argued that there would be no recession and that the worst could be a low growth quickly overwhelmed by a new expansion if they now admit the recession is because something much worse is on the horizon. Learn more at this site: Pete Cashmore.