Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy – a method of treatment and prevention of aesthetic skin problems, and enjoys a well-deserved popularity grows. Caretech Laf – a vacuum therapy device, with which you can conduct secure and effective treatments without surgery. Used in software correction, fat, cellulite, stretch marks, scars. At the core programs – the technique of lymphatic drainage using vacuum. When manufacture of apparatus were used to achieve the latest international technology. Caretech Laf – a combination of advanced scientific thought and practice, technically perfect device plus the need for the latest method of treatment. For the whole body: Cellulite treatment, body shaping, treatment of stretch marks skin after pregnancy, treatment of scars, care for neck and shoulders, removal of fatty deposits and limfostimulyatsiya.

For face: Lifting procedures, acne treatment, double chin, enlarged pores, eye bags, acne scars, wrinkles, limfostimulyatsiya. Treating the system Caretech Laf performed in 3 stages: 1. Limfostimulyatsiya 2. Revitalization 3. Strengthening Limfostimulyatsiya and drainage lymphatic system – the most important step in treatment and prevention of cellulite in any stage and severity, a necessary stage for effective skin care.

Strengthening limfootoka can effectively remove from the organism metabolic products (toxins). Revitalization means that the skin reddens, warms, the metabolism increases to three times more active process of lipolysis (fat burning). Strengthening: improved intracellular metabolism, strengthens connective tissue (dermis) are restored to the structural elements of the skin, such as collagen and elastin, updated epidermis. The duration of each phase depends on the treated area of the body. Medical procedure lasts about 30 minutes. Therapeutic procedures on the face are very pleasant and relaxing. The effect is felt and noticed after the first session. Medical procedures in the trunk with the help of apparatus Caretech Laf safe and effective. At the second step (activation) may cause slight pain, if the treated area many cellulite deposits of the third stage. The remaining stages of treatment are extremely relaxing. Treatment Caretech Laf is recommended as a cycle of treatments (6-12 times). The frequency of procedures is determined depending on the treated area of the body (usually the same area of the body is not exposed procedure on two consecutive days). Caretech Laf – technically perfect device, allowing an individualized approach to treatment in each case, provides a guaranteed result, even after a single exposure: 1. Limfostimulyatsiya 2. Treatment of cellulite of any complexity 3. Modeling the figure 4. Decrease local fat 5. Strengthening bust 6. Treatment of edema 7. Lifting.