Wilfried Urner

The module enables the reception of HD + transmitter with a HD ready TV with integrated satellite-HD tuner and CI plus slot. Over 100,000 units of them have already ordered manufacturers and traders and to retrieve. The development of HD + exceeds our expectations, we are completely satisfied,”Wilfried Urner, CEO of HD PLUS GmbH. the consistently positive response from manufacturers and distributors is a great sign of confidence in our business customers says the development of receiver sales is also very pleasing. The high demand we see as confirmation for our model “, as Wilfried continue URI from the HD PLUS GmbH. HD + is an additional offer to the previous digital TV reception via satellite, which is transparent to the consumer and can be tested for a year free of charge and without any risk. After the first 12 months, the customer can decide whether he wants to or not use HD + for about a year.

He chooses he can do anonymously, this converted to 4.16 euros without contract without subscription for 50 euro per year in the month. In any case, he has a full HD receiver for satellite reception, with which he use all free-to-air programs broadcast in standard and HD quality can. Wilfried Urner of HD PLUS GmbH: we are in a very good way and will extend the offer yet. A transmitter will happen this year and we are planning the product through additional information services to revalue.” For questions regarding the HD PLUS GmbH: Stefan Vollmer HD PLUS GmbH Tel (089) 1896-2120 about the HD PLUS GmbH that HD PLUS GmbH is a subsidiary of SES ASTRA satellite operator headquartered in Unterfohring at Munich. The HD PLUS GmbH was founded in May 2009 and marketed the product HD +, an additional programme offer in high definition (HD) satellite. In future attractive offers of free TV in HD quality on the market come with HD +. As the HD PLUS GmbH has been RTL and VOX, and SAT. 1, ProSieben and cable one can win for HD +.