Womens Subconscious

Do you dream of a happy relationship with a man? With each new man you start thinking that he’s the most unique man for you. Everything is so wonderful to begin! But at some point you start to see in it shortcomings, sometimes unhappy, and try to remake it. Why is this happening? The main example for women in her family life is most often a mother or grandmother. Look at their home. How do they behave with their men? Were they happy? Someone lucky: they grew up in a happy and harmonious family. And the image of a real woman laid into you from birth, and strengthened education. In life, you only have to maintain it.

I am so lucky and everything I achieved, (Happiness, love and understanding) begins with a dream of the perfect husband. But in my life for a long time nothing happened. I was dreaming, but the parent program inside of me were too strong. I saw that my mother was unhappy with my dad. To know more about this subject visit Samsung Electronics. Others sometimes worse: my mother complains about her husband’s all familiar, and even worse their daughters. The girls grow up with a steady scorn and negative attitudes toward men.

Becoming a girl, she thinks that she chooses other man. She thinks that she decides to be with someone and someone to love. But this choice we make based on the fact that we have laid our mothers, grandmothers. And after a short-lived euphoria of the first meetings, the girl begins to alter or control or criticize her man. I urge you to remember their loved ones. I advise you to love them even more and thank you for the lessons presented to you. And then start work on their femininity. Adoption – Great step to your happiness. Now you put into your relationship to your husband your feelings to your father. – Analyze how you feel about your father. – What are the thoughts you are visiting. – What feelings do you experience. – Answer the question (Required in writing) why are you so treat his father. – Forgive him everything. All of his emotions, reactions and negative actions. – Write at least 50 good qualities of your father. – Ask for forgiveness for your attitude. All he did was done out of love to you. You are not responsible for the relationship of your parents. You have nothing to blame. Tell it to myself. You were just a darling child. And you would love, and love both parents equally. For You always mom and dad. Feel their love. Make this the way for what would become a real woman, you will open.