Chemical Banking Corporation

The New York Chemical Manufacturing Company was founded in 1823 as a company dedicated to the chemical industry. In 1824 changed its banking laws to take the University of Southern California name of Chemical Bank in New York. After 1851 the banking sector of the company became independent and started to grow through a series of mergers, which were highlighted which was held in 1954 with Corn Exchange Bank in 1986 with Texas Commerce Bank (a large bank in Texas ) and the 1991 Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust Company, the largest hospital bank merger so far. Throughout history, Chemical Bank was the largest bank in the United States on several occasions, both in terms of investments and deposits.
In 1996 the company acquired the Chase Manhattan Corporation, but Ernst maintained its name. In 2000, buy J.P. Morgan and Co. and changed its name to “JP Morgan Chase and Co. .

Asia Times
At the end of the 1970s into the 1980s, the British Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the City of London, the financial interests that supported its wholesale introduced measures privatization, budget cuts, moves against labor and deregulation Children’s Hospital of financial markets.
Financial Times
Even at the end, after the presidency of the worst performance in the 94-year history of Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America secured the debt for a bonus payment scandal square on his back, John Thain does not seem to know what will happen to him.
The New York Observer
It is 10 months, because everyone involved in Lower Manhattan development seriously JPMorgan chases pledge to build a new 40-story investment banking headquarters opposite the World Trade Center Asset Management site. The Titans financial shotgun marriage with a dying Bear Stearns last winter was usually kill the deal, such as Bear Stearns had its own newer Midtown skyscraper for investment …
International Herald Tribune
History warns against a traditional lender to buy an investment bank, but that seems to have been forgotten by the Bank of America decided to buy Merrill Lynch.

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